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What our clients are saying

"Our business is more successful because of our partnership with NavMD.  We can count on NavMD to get new employers live quickly and provide accurate data in the platform to make smarter, more informed decisions."

- Cost Containment Strategist

"NavMD’s predictive analytics helped me find emerging risks to specifically target interventions. These insights have helped me guide Stakeholders in their decision-making process for the purposes of providing better health and financial well-being."


"We love having access to a dedicated advisor and unlimited support.  Not only do they help us after the employer is live but many times they join us for the sales presentation to help us win the business.  That's what I call a great partnership!"

- President, Employee Benefits

Data Acquisition

Data Transformation

We acquire and transform your data up to 4x faster than other analytics platforms. Plus, when your data is live, it is accurate and we provide a report card to prove it!

 Making Advisors The Hero of The Story

NavMD is committed to partnering with the nation's best advisors dedicated to making a lasting impact on the high cost of healthcare. With our analytics on your side, we can revolutionize healthcare.

Actionable Insights

NavMD bridges the gap between unstructured data from multiple data providers and migrates the data to a single source of truth.  Advisors find insights to create a unique benefits strategy and take action to optimize employee health benefits.

Deep Dive

NavMD provides more than pretty, out-of-the-box dashboards. The real POWER is our ability to dig deeper than other health intelligence platforms and drill down to the Member detail to get answers to the most challenging questions.

Point Solutions

Our exclusive marketplace points you in the right direction to take action on the insights we provide you. We’re continuously adding more solution providers throughout the healthcare industry to our marketplace so we can be your one-stop shop for insights and solutions. 

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