Finding Opportunities in a Healthy Population

Bunzl is a leading supplier in North America with more than 5,000 employees and 400,000 + supply items. With so many data sources, it seemed almost impossible and extremely overwhelming trying to bring all data and spreadsheets together to establish a health plan budget, track financials and identify performance opportunities to improve population health. In addition, the wellness vendor only had visibility with the participants in the wellness program, not the total population.



A Single Source of Truth

NavMD seamlessly integrated multiple data sources including the claims and wellness data then applied intelligence. Bunzl began to leverage NavMD Insights. They found several opportunities to focus on and share with the wellness provider. The company guided the wellness provider to coordinate outreach on the members representing the most costly, prevalent, lifestyle conditions for management including diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (cholesterol), COPD, and heart disease by region. Along with financial trending and plan modeling, Bunzl was able to create a manageable budget and detailed financial report for its self-funded plan expenditure.


Maximized Value and Savings

After implementing wellness strategies by targeting lifestyle-related conditions and establishing, budget tracking and financial results – the company realized no increase in healthcare costs year-over-year. This resulted in an annual surplus of $1.67M – 9.4% savings. Bunzl shared the savings! The company reimbursed employees a total of $670,000 and credited the remaining $1 million back to its bottom line.

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