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NavMD was built by entrepreneurs for businesses. We all have gotten that call before; your rates are going up 10, 15, sometimes even 20%!


In 2005, we set out to deliver the best-in-class intelligence platform to help businesses reduce the cost of their health plan.


Our member-level dive helps our partners tell clearer stories, frame the data, and help with predictive modeling and machine learning. 


As a result, it fosters long-term partnerships to help all stakeholders succeed – employers, employees, brokers, and consultants.


Healthcare is Fixed! Employers provide world-class benefits to help them hire and retain the best talent, and employers and employees pay 40% less on healthcare.


Knowledge is Power! Empowering self-funded employers to solve problems with insights to make smarter, more informed employee benefit decisions.


  • IMPACT – Purpose-driven leadership – NavMD people are passionate about delivering better health, better value, and better care for 157 million Americans.

  • TRUST – NavMD Customers and Partners have total peace of mind -- our support is high-touch, we keep our commitments; deliver quality data, and we take security, compliance, and privacy very seriously.

  • INNOVATION – NavMD is bold – always striving to be on the leading edge, thinking big, driving, and embracing change. Our people will grow & improve, continuing to learn and never settle for mediocrity.

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Healthcare is Fixed!